[ How to fix ] Mod Security Showing blank page & database password change

Please check that the password in /etc/cron.hourly/modsecparse.pl matches the MySQL password of the modsec user:

grep dbpassword /etc/cron.hourly/modsecparse.pl

This will show the current password for the modsec user, then check it matches the existing one in the MySQL database:

\u mysql
select password from user where user='modsec';
select password('dbpasswordhere');

Replace dbpasswordhere with the password found when grepping the modsecparse.pl file. If the passwords do not match, reset the password:

\u mysql
UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('dbpasswordhere') WHERE User='modsec';

Again, replace dbpasswordhere with the password in modsecparse.pl file. At that point, try to re-run the script using this command:

perl -w /etc/cron.hourly/modsecparse.pl

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