Install ruTorrent, Seedbox on Ubuntu and Debian (Multi-user, quota, sabnzbd and Deluge)

This is very easy way to install ruTorrent, Seedbox on Ubuntu and Debian server.

Installed software

– ruTorrent 3.4 + official plugins
– rTorrent 0.9.2 or 0.9.3
– libTorrrent 0.13.2 or 0.13.3
– Deluge 1.3.5 (current stable) multi-user
– mktorrent
– JailKit (providing chroot jail)
– Fail2ban
– Apache (SSL)
– OpenVPN
– PHP 5 and PHP-FPM (FastCGI to increase performance)
– Linux Quota
– SSH Server (for SSH terminal and sFTP connections)
– vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Deamon – for users jailed and non-jailed)
– Webmin (use it to manage your users quota)
– sabnzbd: Ubuntu PPA Repository – SABnzbd
– RapidleechMain ruTorrent pluginsautotoolscpuload, diskspace, erasedata, extratio, extsearch, feeds, filedrop, filemanager, geoip, history, logoff, mediainfo, mediastream, rss, scheduler, screenshots, theme, trafic and unpack

Additional ruTorrent plugins– Autodl-IRSSI (with an updated list of trackers)
– A modified version of Diskpace to support quota (by me)
– Filemanager (modified to handle rar, zip, unzip, tar and bzip)
– Fileupload
– Fileshare
– MediaStream (to watch your videos right from your seedbox)
– Logoff
– Theme: Oblivion

Supported Operating Systems

Ubuntu Server 12.04
Ubuntu Server 12.10
Debian 6.0


If you have any problems, please firstREAD THE FAQ: FAQ If you don’t know Linux ENOUGH:DO NOT install this script on a non OVH Host.
It is doable, but you’ll have to know Linux to solve some problems.DO NOT use capital letters, all your usernames should be written in lowercase.

DO NOT upgrade anything in your box, ask in the thread before even thinking about it.

DO NOT try to reconfigure packages using other tutorials.


Follwo SSH Command:

# sudo apt-get update
# reboot
# wget N
time bash ~/

Just answer all script questions.
Cross your fingers and wait for the installation to finish, this may take a while and an automatic reboot of your server will occur at the end.
After reboot, use a browser (Firefox, Chrome…):
To acess your seedbox: http://ip-addres-of-your-server/rutorrent
To view info about all your users: http://ip-addres-of-your-server/seedboxInfo.php

To access services installed on your server

URL: https://<Server IP or Server Name>/rutorrent
U: <username>
P: <rutorrentpassword>FTP – SSH
IP: <Server IP or Server Name>
U: <username>
P: <password>
Port: 21976 (or the one you typed during setup)
Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol (not “FTP”)FTP – vsftpd
IP: <Server IP or Server Name>
U: <username>
P: <password>
Port: 21201
Protocol: FTP

Multi-user Commands

You must be logged in as an user that has permission to run sudo.
But don’t use sudo to run these commands, it will be used internally:


changeUserPasswordI think that the command names are self explanatory.


Quota is disabled by default in your box. To enable and use it, you’ll have to open Webmin, using the address you can find in one of the tables box above this. After you sucessfully logged on Webmin, enable it by clickingSystem => Disk and Network Filesystems => /home => Use Quotas? => Select “Only User
=> Save

Now you’ll have to configure quota for each user, doingSystem => Disk Quotas => /home => <username> => Configure the “Soft kilobyte limit” => Update

Note that /home is the mount point (disk partition) your /home is located.