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International Widespread Services Is an Excellent Offshore Web Hosting Solution


Offshore web hosting solutions are a better priced and affordable way to go for online companies. Offshore hosting typically means getting your site hosted in a far off location, owing to various reasons from better pricing, security to more advanced features. Offshore hosting and web design is actually 3-5 times lesser than anywhere else. Other than the price, one factor you always worry about is quality. We are an offshore web host company who will provide you with all of the services you need, and not just some of them. We also have a 24 hour customer service that will help you at all times.A shared web hosting service refers to many websites on one web server connected to the internet. Each site holds a separate position or partition on the server and is distinct from the other websites. This is a very economical manner of offshore hosting as many people essentially share the overall maintenance costs of the server. This and a lot many more options will be available to you with us.