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How to Secure and Optimize a Server or VPS – 1

When you have a Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) security issues and optimization of a server is a necessity that must be considered by a sysadmin. Here I have to say a few ways that can be used to secure and optimize a Dedicate server or Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Checking for formmail

Form mail is used by hackers to send out spam email, by relay and injection methods.

Command to find pesky form mails:

find / -name "[Ff]orm[mM]ai*"

CGIemail is also a security risk:

find / -name "[Cc]giemai*"

Command to disable form mails:

chmod a-rwx /path/to/filename

(a-rwx translates to all types, no read, write or execute permissions).

(this disables all form mail)

If a client or someone on your vps installs form mail, you will have to let them know you are disabling their script and give them an alternative.